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Prezentacja wyników projektu wykonanego przez zespół 
Power Gear 
w składzie: lider: Łukasz Kudła; członkowie: Marcin Lisiecki, Magdalena Dąbrowska, Patryk Malinowski, Patrycja Stelmach
We are happy to present a system invented and developed by our team "Power Gear" in order to increase the maximum safety and comfort during driving a car on the busiest and most dangerous roads of the world. We divided it into three categories. Each category aims at a different users:
  • businessmen (the moste important is time);
  • turists (people who like to travel by car);
  • young not experienced drivers (valued advice and interesting facts concerning the issues  of driving).
Each of these sub systems can operate separately but you can also select your favorite features and form your private system which we called "Mine" 
Welcome to the land of our ideas :)
Assumptions of the project: 
1. The car has wireless internet access.
2. Built-in computer with display (allowing installation of the system).
3. Motion sensors (allows you to specify whether the entry of the minor road is safe).
4. Car-parts sensors such as brake pads and fluids (nowadays commonly used in cars).
5. System must be easy to use and intuitive (nowadays many users do not use many of theirs cars functions due to the complicated handling of them).
Functionality and structure of the system: 
1. The application of the system in the form of android / ios (possibility of easy installation, editing and updating of applications as well as communications between users).
2. It consists of four modes (Main, Turist, Friend, Time), each of modes consists of a number of possible options for inclusion in the personalized main mode.
3. Possible to install in every car, regardless of the brand or model (can be installed in all models of a particular brand painless facilitating the user to adapt to the new car). 
4. The ability to integrate cars fleet (the user of the car such as a sales representative can change the car for example due to failur /accident while fast charging his customers base to navigation which has a direct impact on work performance and excludes the need to "switch" user to the new system in the new car).
Mine Mode
Allows personalization options - select  only those options that user want to use and run them in the mine mode. Mine mode starts automatically after driver start the car and activating functions placed in it by the user. Mine mode allows to specify important destinations for the user such as school, home, work, family, shop etc. After placement the objectives into the system user immediately after starting the car can pronounce a command such as "house" which make the application immediately determine the route to the destinations and programmed it in the car navigation.This feature greatly improves the functionality of an ordinary car navigation and enter large address database to the system allows you to quickly determine the fastest road (it can be for example the customers  base for sales representatives or suppliers of goods).
Time Mode
The mine aim and purpose of this option is to allow the user to efficient time management by supporting it through the system in activities such as: the search for a parking space, changing the route of the main roads to side roads and the possibility of rapid communication with ACS service with booking visit on time convenience for user.
Parking Place this option will search for available parking space in the designated destination by the user and based on the GPS shows the way to the driveway.  This function will work on the basis of communication with other cars equipped with internet access, which, after leaving the parking lot will be automatically mean a parking space in the application as a free (after the occupation of the application will mean a place as busy). If system see the absence of information from other users  application will collect information about parking place on the basis of maps and gps car parks marked on them and use from the city network transport information (imposed by the city of parking spaces).
Less Trafic Road this option when user point a destination, will develop (based on data downloaded from the Internet) convenient route taking into account traffic jams, accidents, road repair and other traffic problems. Taking into account the time of day in which we move the application can direct us on the side roads which will allow faster access to the destination in terms of increased traffic.
ACS Service this option by sensors in the car (eg sensor pad wear / brake discs, the calculation based on kilometers to replace oil) will inform us of the need to repair or replace components of the car fluids. The application will automatically book a visit to the service (after the acceptance date by the user) to perform repairs.
Friend Mode
In this mode, we came up with, and we have developed four systems that excel particularly in the young user group, not exactly polished in variable conditions on the roads and not yet experienced in view of severability. To improve driving comfort and sense of security that person is best not to make rode alone. Top with a family member or friend who will tell how at the moment should be preserved:
do we have the right-of-way?
Does on the road is not pedestrian or animal? 
what to do with car to consume less fuel? 
aware anew what is the stopping distance depending on the speed and the conditions on the road? 
It would be great if always that person was next to us, but unfortunately this is not real ...
For this, we have decided to solve the issue of the problem and to create "a virtual passenger."
In a very intuitive and human way, he will explain and tell how we have to behave.
Here are the systems:
Braking distance
Right of way
Fuel assistant
Papa mode
Braking distance - is a system whose function is awareness of the driver, and thus increase your safety and other road users, which is to calculate how far the car breaks during active braking depending on the speed and the condition of the surface. Hearing of such information not a single driver will take his foot off the gas, because it will stimulate the imagination and really show a threat of bumps, skid or a pedestrian. The information would be displayed or announced as a warning. The system had to be based on the previously carried out calculations, tests, and surface sensors embedded  on tire or from the roadside measurement points that we can occur for example on highways.
Right of way - is also a system that increases safety but also facilitate driving. Namely, when you try to join the movement, from eg. subordinated street, we can ask: "How's the law?" Or "anything goes?" To which the system monitoring the situation will answer whether the road is free or busy: "free, you can go "or" busy, wait! ". The system developed for the observation of human behavior while driving on the principle, why we have to look at the "right" if we have a trusted person who will tell us. Thanks to freeing us from an excess of activities to do and check.
Fuel assistant - is the system to improving existing solution. Its function is to inform about the amount of fuel, distance to be traveled on it and suggestions that apply optimal speed depending on the gear, the speed of rotation on the prevailing conditions on the way to the consuption of the fuel was as little as possible, and for how many miles should refuel in order not to stand in the desert. These seemingly mundane problems, but the young driver does not necessarily need to know the answers, and also is a curiosity that will not only be interested but also prompt.
Papa mode - the last of the systems of this mode is to remind our "Dad". This system is especially dedicated to fresh driver. Its function is to inhibit the driver impulses by increasing safety and preventing possible accidents.
Our dad had to prompt us, that we're going too fast and we might not ba able to slow down, or that simply mandates are not the cheap stuff. He warned us against miscellaneous obstacles such as walking. In the morning might be asking: "Are you sure you're able to drive? '.
He stood by the human and caring face of the car.
Turist Mode
This mode is aimed at diversifying the drive on different places in the country or abroad and to facilitate travel planning. It allows, during the trip or the normal journey from point A to B, to learn something about the area near we are, encouraging its knowledge and finding accommodation or restaurants.
Tour Maker This option, a voice which we choose, tells us about passing around places and allows you to explore the unknown and interested places, which might be interested. TOUR MAKER option would work in such a way that the monument or the place would be by him curiously and briefly described and the driver would decide whether the overall route trips will be changed. The entire function based on the promotion of towns, municipalities and counties as well as on the opinions of Internet users. All the places that would be interesting would be displayed on a regular basis.
HOTELs This option creates a base of hotels, motels, or hostels. It is a system established on the basis of source data taken from the Internet that is: opinion from users of the Internet or  our tastes from social networking for example Facebook. Accommodation search option allows to direct reservation hotel room after acceptance by us of the place (work by based on the websites of hotel reservations).
RESTAURANTs This option works on the same principle as an option HOTELs. Thanks to the information taken over the Internet from our account for example on Facebook or the opinion of the other users of the Internet. It will be easier to decide to choose the place where you want to eat your meal.
Music This option allows the user to listen to your favorite music using the Internet and our musical tastes declared on social networks. Thanks of this our tour will be even more unique and will make us a lot of pleasure.
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